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Swimming Cap Law

Swim wear swimming CAP is a kind of basic equipment, but also a basic courtesy, shock wear swimming CAP to prevent ear and head-protecting, preventing the hair completely soaked in water with chlorine, can effectively protect hair reduce hair damage from water, to prevent injuries to the hair, reducing drag, swimming faster. Swim Cap with both hands open, followed by the head wears down. – Do not use nails hang so as not to break. Not with a swimming CAP in the pool water, than to see who is bigger. This will soon be able to get a new CAP
First: the hair if a long soak in a pool containing disinfectants, delicate scalps easily offended and fade more easily dyed hair, normal hair turn yellow, sometimes there are abnormal hair loss, a swimming pool and scalp separated silicone swim caps are necessary. While ordinary spandex Swim Cap on the protective effect of relative difference of scalp.  Second: after shampooing if it helps hair conditioner or hot oil hair care habits, you can form a layer between hair and swimming pool protector, plus silicone swim caps, that is double protection.  Third: the water forward wet hair and wear a hat, the hair is easier to fold into the hat, but also can increase the friction between the hat and. Part IV: good quality waterproof silicone swim caps, may also wear tight, and poor quality, although easy to wear, but is easier to waterproof. If only shower with wet hair and scalp is no harm, don't worry about it. Clean water can dilute the pool, it is recommended that before entering the water washed wet hair and wear a hat.

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