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Select The Type Of Swim Cap

Remember once there is a cloth CAP, not waterproof, protect hair, pretty big resistance, when I looked up to see gas, a basin of water trickle from scratch, unless they are bald or wearing the same as not wearing (but can't think of reason for wearing bald).
Spandex Swim Cap, very breathable, so naturally is not waterproof. Soft texture, by contrast is a little more comfortable to wear for children playing.
Rubber swim caps, hard texture, waterproof to protect your hair, but tight to wear, most people feel that uncomfortable, stuffy uncomfortable scalp, will be in the forehead, leaving a ring of redness, are now used less.
Silicone swim caps, is now the most common. Cap design to maximize the reduced drag. Impervious, not easy to crack, sticky or aging, deformation, and more comfortable to wear, now a swimming Cap design using particle design, with anti-slip effect.

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