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Nipples pacifier is mother a substitute, when the baby is crying, give the baby to suck while sleeping, a tool to help baby quiet. And that is when the baby teeth, the safest and the best tool to relieve itchy gums.
Sucking baby is born that way, in addition to crying only expression, parents often see babies sucking nipples but not sucking or thumb sucking, this is the baby in the perception and understanding of the world.
Thumb-sucking will have great pressure on the jaw and incisors, which can easily lead to teeth is not straight, but can easily be contaminated.
Pacifier biggest role is to satisfy non-nutritive sucking baby, soothe baby's mood.
Nipples pacifier is mother substitute, or a mother's nipple is the best way. Leche, it is recommended that breast milk 2-3 the best. During this period, not only fully meet the needs of a baby's sucking, baby can get the necessary nutrients from breast milk can also enhance communication between mother and child and promote baby health.

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