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Baby Bibs

1, size
Pick the bib size, most importantly bib neckline, elastic neckline will affect the baby's breath, too tight will let the baby not breathable, too loose will be unable to prevent dirty. The other is to see whether bib size suitable for your baby's age, if not over the chest, it cannot play a role in anti-fouling.
2, materials
Bib material is very important. Bibs will come into contact with the skin of your baby's head and neck and jaw, if you have texture can harm your baby's delicate skin. The General market is more gauze, cotton and resin, suitable for different time periods and different babies to use.
3, color and pattern
Bright colors, patterns, cute bibs will not only help Mommy likes, can also attract the attention of babies, babies love to wear a bib. Recommended selection of bright, color of stain-resistant, and love, are easy to clean. Light is relatively easy to get dirty.

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