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Using pacifiers reason


Let your baby sleep
Many babies need to hold coaxing to sleep at night, so exhausted. But after he used a pacifier, it becomes very good. If my mother only when she sleeps only with her, a long time, as soon as she eats the pacifier know sleep, very regular life, sleep is particularly high.
Prevent child hands
Appropriate use of Pacifiers can prevent the baby eat, also helps to secrete saliva good for teeth cleaning. If there are no pacifier, a lot of babies by licking their fingers to achieve the objective, it is easy to fall sick because of dirty fingers, sucking or finger and peeling. Slightly larger if still have the habit, may affect the development of their gums.
To prevent "the mouth"
The latest study, by 500 baby United States family survey found that pacifiers can reduce the probability of sudden infant death syndrome to 60%. This is because, pacifiers will keep the baby lying on his back or side sleeping position, does not increase the risk of sudden death because of the stomach while eating pacifier helps your baby breathe through your nose, contain bacteria and dust enter the mouth, effectively prevent the "mouth."

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