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Pacifier use


Answer when the pacifier with this question, the best answer is when babies need. Because the pacifier's role is to replace the mother's nipples to baby taste of satisfaction and comfort, using a dummy to make babies feel most comfortable. Regardless of your baby in 2
Any time of the year, as long as it is in the baby pacifier use is good for the baby if needed. Different types of babies, of course, his "needs" start time are not the same.
Typically, experts recommend that babies start pacifier use after 6 months. Because of six months to two years old baby is teething in the growth process, this time baby got everything on a bite, but this baby also will develop the habit of sucking a pacifier to suck fingers. This time sucking a pacifier can give baby a sucking of satisfaction and security, reduce sore teething gums lead to irritability and anxiety.

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