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Non Stick Miracle BBQ Mat


       Product Description


What is BBQ mat


BBQ mat is made of f imported fiberglass fabric, coated with imported PTFE and are by special process. The material has passed FDA test to make sure healthy.

Features of BBQ mat


1.Cook without oil or fats
2.SGS & FDA approved
3.Easy to clean
5.Heat resistant up to 500°F (260°C)
7.Foods retain more vitamins and minerals


Type:Baking Tools & Accessories




Size:15.75" X 13", 13" X 11.8", 17" X 13"




Specification:15.75" x 13"



How to use BBQ mat oven liner



1. Place one liner on the bottom of your grill/sandwich maker. Cut to fit with scissors 
2. Turn the grill/sandwich maker on 
3. Place the food you wish to cook on top of the liner 
4. Cover the food with the second liner and close the lid 
5. When you're finished just wipe with a paper towel or wash with warm soapy water and they are ready to reuse. 
6. Place back in press ready to use again.

Color: brown/black/white etc
Size: 25cmx33cm, 40cmx30cm, 50cmx40cm, 60cm x40cm, 46cmx 51cm


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