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Disadvantages of pacifier


1, from a physiological point of view, because babies born to non-reflex, sucking reflex, over time, will gradually disappear, if parents always give your baby a pacifier, are intensifying the reflection, formed over time-dependent;
2, keep sucking nipples while as the baby swallow the air from the mouth on both sides into the mouth, and then into the stomach, when the stomach cannot afford milk and air capacity will shrink, causing children's spilled milk;
3, keep sucking in children, gastrointestinal reflex motility, frequent Peristaltic easy to make baby bowel spasm, causing abdominal pain;
4, oral surgeon believes that long-term pacifier use, can affect the baby of maxillary and mandibular growth, high palatal arch will also make the baby, causing upper and lower teeth do not form an attractive lip look.
5, the mother put the baby substitute. Babies a pacifier and hugs and kisses with a pacifier instead of loved ones, reduces the parent-child interaction, so MOM don't know baby.

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