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Considerations for pacifier


1, a day with a special detergent to clean pacifiers for babies. If dirt or fell to the ground, they should immediately wash it.
2, not rope in the pacifier. Because the child at the time of use, long rope around the child's neck, arm, may also be around the children's bed, children activities.
3, the replacement for their children in a timely manner. Old, cracked, there are small holes and the part is not complete on pacifiers should be promptly replaced. Two months for a new, if your child is sucking very big, more frequent replacement.
4, if a child always bite pacifier, teething toy for him. Avoid biting off pacifiers, swallow, or obstruction in a child's windpipe, choking hazard.
5, give the child choices and similar to mother teat shape pacifier. Don't let your child is overly dependent on pacifier.

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