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Advantages of Pacifiers


1, psychology experts believe that from birth to 2 years old entered the oral stage, through the mouth of a baby sucking, baby will help transfer the tension, enhance security, except with nutritive sucking outside the growth and development of ways to help, but also through the promotion of lip and tongue sucking near the touch, then met a happy feeling.
2, baby pacifiers will lead to develop the habit of breathing through the nose, breathe through your nose to prevent external viruses and pathogenic bacteria enter the body, mouth-breathing impossible. Need something at this point let the child to "shut up", a pacifier is a good choice. Some European and American experts found that child to use a pacifier in the process, would allow him to form closed habit, nature inspired him to learn to breathe through their nose.
3, non-nutritive sucking baby is one way to alleviate the mood without the pacifier, a lot of babies by licking their fingers to achieve the objective, it is easy to fall sick because of dirty fingers, sucking or finger and peeling. Slightly larger if still have the habit, may affect the development of their gums.

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